Thursday, November 29, 2012

once gold, there's no going back

My friend Todd left on vacation, and I use the term "vacation" very loosely, so let me tell you about this...

He flew from here today, Thursday, MSP, to Atlanta, where he changed planes to go to Los Angeles.  He'll visit his sister in LA briefly, then fly cross country to New York, where he'll stay, visiting a brother in Brooklyn, for exactly six hours.  Then he gets back on a plane and goes to Nashville to see his grandfather for a day or two, then back here to Minneapolis/St.Paul on Monday.

Now if you happen to be geographically challenged, get out a map and figure out how many miles that trip covers and how many hours on airplanes it would require.  It's a big country, dude.

And have you figured out why he did it?  Yep, you guessed it -- he needed that many miles to maintain his Gold Elite status on Delta Airlines for 2013!  And rather than thinking how crazy that was, I was thinking -- that's exactly the sort of thing I would have done!

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