Sunday, November 4, 2012

some of them even admit it

This is it:  my last mention of the election until after it's done.  I promise to make tomorrow's and Election Day's posts as far away from politics as I can make them.

And my last comment before the vote is to express my extreme disappointment that there is still so much racial hatred in this country.  A large percentage of Romney voters are not voting for Romney because they like what he says.  How could they?  His only vague economic "solutions" are to cut taxes even more and reduce government regulation even more.  These are the exact two causes of the Bush recession of 2008-2009.  And the Romney voters might say they like his position on social issues, even though his positions change every day depending on who he's talking to.  Let's face it:  There is nobody who likes Romney, except maybe his wife and kids, who have reaped the benefits of his capitalism-without-a-conscience history.  Even the conservatives don't like him.

But there are plenty of people who hate President Obama, and they might say, Oh, it's because he's a "socialist" (which he is not and which people who say that have no idea what socialism is anyway) or because he couldn't help create even more jobs than he did (thanks to the do-nothing/block-everything Republican Congress).  It's really because he is half black, and you know it and I know it.  As the world watches our election, I am embarrassed for us.

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