Saturday, November 17, 2012

here we go, a-christmas-carolling again

Thanksgiving is next week, then it's more than a month after that before Christmas is upon us.... or is Christmas already upon us?

I walked by Hans's desk at the office Friday, and he had Christmas music playing on his computer.  He didn't seem to think it was weird to be listening to Christmas music on November 16th.  I did.

I just got home from Mall of America.  It already feels like Christmas season there.

And A Christmas Carol, for the thirty-something year in a row, has begun at the Guthrie Theater and will play until Christmas.  It's a Twin Cities holiday tradition that I had seen two or three times before and saw again last night (thanks to tickets for me from the Guthrie).  Emma, James's friend, went with me, and I do have to say this year's version might be the best one that I've seen.

Just please don't wish me a Merry Christmas until at least the first of December.


vickie said...

I learned today that several cities around here are having there Christmas parades this weekend. Why??? The radio station if playing all Christmas music every day too. I love Christmas but this is crazy.

vickie said...

I must be many spelling errors!