Saturday, November 3, 2012

without spanish or love

After a week of being worried about storms on the East Coast while at the same time being stressed and repulsed by election politics, I ended the week on an escapist note, by going to the Timberwolves season opener.  Sorry, faithful readers, it's basketball season again.

And the Wolves, fortunately playing the lowly Sacramento Kings, won the game, so we at least have one moment of being undefeated.  And they did it without the team's two marquee players, Kevin Love (with a broken hand) and Ricky Rubio (still recovering from last year's knee injury).

There are new players on the team, plus it's become an even more international team.  Besides my favorite player Rubio (from Barcelona, Spain), there is a team member from Montenegro and two from Russia.  Let's hope they and the rest of the team somehow all share the language of winning.

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