Tuesday, December 4, 2012

life, as viewed from the Waffle House

Greetings from downtown Biloxi, Mississippi, where we are having breakfast at the Waffle House, a Southern breakfast chain that I can never resist even though it blows my calorie count for a week or more.

The Southern accents in this part of the Deep South are at their most extreme but purposely charming when they want to be.  Coming down in the hotel elevator this morning, a young woman started chattering to us about the gun tattoo she had on her right arm and then she had to show us the "huntin'" tattoo on her leg, and she blamed both tattoos on a wild night she doesn't remember at age 16.  Fellow elevator-riders from central Florida loved them.

We're off to explore downtown Biloxi, hoping that all the guns here are just tattooed.

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