Wednesday, December 5, 2012


We're day-tripping out of Biloxi and, as I write this, we're getting to know Mobile, Alabama, the only part of Alabama on a coast.  It's an okay city, as far as I can tell in spending just a couple hours here, with some nice tree-lined historic neighborhoods and a sleepy manageable downtown.  We had a good barbecue lunch at a dive named the Brick Pit (You know I love dive eating establishments with graffiti all over the walls and ceilings).  And now we're heading a few miles east to Pensacola, Florida, then back to our hotel in Biloxi.

The only hard part of these road trips is how we make each other nuts with our driving styles.  He says I'm too cautious (which, of course, I'm not), and I say he's way too aggressive (which he somehow disputes).  Either way, we're somehow still surviving.

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