Friday, February 8, 2013

coffee at the A & P

I've been working late hours and needed a break, so I didn't set the alarm for this morning but woke up early  anyway and am having a leisurely, quiet little while alone at home before heading to the office.  Jerry is upstairs still asleep; otherwise, I'd probably be playing the piano instead of blogging.

The coffee this morning is extra good.  I've been buying Eight O'Clock coffee (and alternating with Wawa coffee, which we buy on line).  I recently discovered Eight O'Clock on the grocery shelves at Lund's, and seeing it there took me back in my memory to when I used to go to the grocery store with my mom.  At the A & P grocery store in downtown Millville, I'd walk along the coffee aisle, where they sold Eight O'Clock coffee, and I'd just stand there and sniff the coffee aroma.  I was too young to drink coffee, but I always remember what that part of the store felt like, just from how wonderful the coffee smelled.

In this Google world, I of course wondered whatever happened to the A & P grocery store chain.  Well, it's still out there, just under multiple names.  The Atlantic and Pacific Tea Company (hence, A & P) operates stores under various names.  There are still some A & Ps in part of the country, and Pathmark is one of their other store names.  You may know that one.  That's your retail education for the day.  Have a good one.

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vickie said...

Walking down the coffee aisle is still a favorite thing for me. I stop at the grinder and inhale deeply. Strange, since I don't drink coffee, but I love to smell it.