Friday, February 15, 2013

news out of atlantic city

A big week for Atlantic City, New Jersey, and it's not often that Atlantic City has a big week during the month of February.

First, and most importantly, the Miss America Pageant is returning to Atlantic City, the city of the pageant's birth and most of its storied past.  It's kind of like the return of the Prodigal Daughter, and city promoters are probably tempted to kill a fatted calf in celebration.

And now Trump Plaza, one of the more prominent hotel casinos in Atlantic City, is being sold to new investors for a bargain-basement dollar amount, and the Trump name will come tumbling down.  Now you know that I have spent no money at Trump Plaza since Donald Trump became a political nutcase cartoon and so you might think that this just gives me a laugh.... and part of me does chuckle.

But I feel a sad nostalgia too.  Trump wasn't always this crazy, and back in the day (meaning the mid-'80's) I used to love taking my mom to Trump Plaza.  We had so much fun there, and I miss that.  Or maybe it's just my mom that I miss, and Trump Plaza is just one of the reminders.

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