Tuesday, February 5, 2013

reasons to like joe flacco

Sorry to be back to a Super Bowl topic, but I didn't know until after the game that Joe Flacco, Baltimore Ravens quarterback and Most Valuable Player of the game, is a South Jersey boy -- specifically, from Audubon, New Jersey.  So how can you not like him?

But here is some more silliness of 2013 America:  After the game, during the Ravens celebration, the CBS Sports microphones were on, and Joe Flacco was heard to yell "F---ing awesome!"

So what?  The guy was excited.  But now CBS might be fined for letting that word be heard live by innocent American ears.  Oh come on, guys!  Would you rather he was yelling "I'm going to Disney World!" ?  I wish the First Amendment had as many outspoken defenders as the Second Amendment has!

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