Saturday, February 2, 2013

mid-winter sports update

Professional sports are not, for me this year, providing any respite from dreariness.  Consider:

My favorite team this time of year is the basketball Minnesota Timberwolves, and what started out as a promising season last fall turned deadly by December when the team's best player, Kevin Love, was injured, followed by almost the whole rest of the team.  The Wolves have once again sunk low in the standings, and attending the games has become a somewhat dismal experience.  Just once I would like to see how good this team might be if everyone could be playing at 100% capacity physically.

The National Hockey League, after a very late start due to another annoying owner lockout, is back on ice, and expectations for the Minnesota Wild were very high until they actually started playing games.  Now they look like their usual average selves.

End of football for a while:  Super Bowl tomorrow, in New Orleans.  Any guesses how many people by next month will remember who played in it?  If you happen to be looking at this post months from now, I'll remind you:  San Francisco 49ers vs. Baltimore Ravens.  The good thing to be said about that matchup is that it's better than the potential alternatives, the runners-up:  New England Patriots vs. Atlanta Falcons.

Skip all of the above and go to the gym.

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