Thursday, August 7, 2014

mid-summer sports update

The dog days of August are here, and we're all too sweaty to think about sports to any serious degree, but let's give it a swing.

Baseball:   It's the only major sport going on right now, and it's hard for me to work up a lot of interest since, first of all:  It's baseball, and second:  The only two teams that I have any interest in (the Philadelphia Phillies and the Minnesota Twins) are in last place in their respective divisions.  BUT, on the plus side, fellow Millville (NJ) guy, Mike Trout, with the Los Angeles Angels, is having another maybe-Most Valuable Player year, in addition to being voted the Most Valuable Player in last month's All Star Game, which was held here in Minneapolis.  Today is Mike's 23rd birthday, so, if he happens to stumble on my blog today (very likely, I'm sure), Happy Birthday, Mike!

Football:  Jean, a Facebook friend of mine, who happens to be a Minnesota Vikings fanatic, posted this morning:  "Only 2 days until preseason!" and I say "NOOOO!!"  because, as much as I love football, once football starts, suddenly it's Christmas, and I can't handle thinking about winter!  :-(

Soccer (the "other" football):  FIFA is long over, but the talk here is how to get a Major Soccer League expansion team here in Minnesota.

Basketball:  The season doesn't start until November, but it looks pretty definite that my beloved Minnesota Timberwolves will be losing Kevin Love to the Cleveland Cavaliers.  Sad.

Spell-check:  Okay, spell-check isn't a sport, but I'm starting to notice which words spell-check doesn't recognize (at least on  In the above blurb, these words override spell-check:  Phillies, Millville, Los Angeles, NOOOO, FIFA, and Timberwolves.  Seriously?  Not even Los Angeles?  I think that spell-check needs some serious expansion!  My book is going to have way too many overrides.

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