Wednesday, August 6, 2014

this is when i become old, part 3

You spend a few days in the north woods of California, and shaving just doesn't seem like the thing to do while you're there. Even though I've been home for almost a week, the morning shaving ritual still hasn't kicked in again yet, so I have this raggedy facial hair sprouting wildly, amazingly gray.  Every morning is a coin toss whether to give in and shave it off, but the idea of keeping it for a while is sort of growing on me.  I'm even embracing the gray, so maybe I am finally getting to the point of acknowledging the reality of my age.  Nancy H. here in the office says the appearance gives me the distinguished look of either a college professor or a writer.  Chris R. at the Legion says that I look like Eric Clapton.  I'll accept any of those choices.  I just can't let it get anywhere near ZZ Top or Duck Dynasty extremes.

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