Saturday, August 21, 2010

but it's a DRY heat

Saturday morning...

Walking over to the coffeeshop and from there to the gym, I could feel the humidity starting to push in. It's been an unusually hot and humid (and stormy) summer in the Twin Cities -- lots of days when it feels like we're walking through hot soup -- and it sounds like it will be pretty muggy here while we are out of town over the next several days.

When we made the reservations for Vegas, my fear would be that we would be facing temperatures of 115 - 120 in the Nevada desert in August. Looking online at the forecast, I'm seeing predicted highs of 102 - 106 degrees. Piece of cake!

As defenders of summers in places like Las Vegas or Phoenix always say, "But it's a dry heat!"

And as Jerry always responds: "So is a microwave!"
Editorial comment: I try so hard to avoid writing about the weather. I mean, it's so predictable (the topic, not the weather). But if you had a blog and lived in Minnesota, you'd write about the weather too. Trust me on this.

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