Tuesday, August 31, 2010

dumb and dumber

I've been carrying around this Blackberry since last November, and I still mostly just use it for a cell phone and for some email. I know it's capable, in theory anyway, of a lot more functions but I'm a real klutz when it comes to this stuff, so when I was at Barnes and Noble (another guilty pleasure) the other day and saw the book Blackberry Storm for Dummies, I bought it. There on the shelf next to it was The iPod for Dummies and that book even came with an hour-and-a-half DVD, so I bought that too since I know my knowledge of my iPod is basic and on that day I must have been in a super electronic mood.

But, as I struggle through the Blackberry book, I'm realizing that a bunch of it is still way over my head, so I'm not sure what level of dummies these books in particular are made for, and that makes me nervous. Or I think I might just have a mental block toward cell phones in general. Yeah. Let's say that's the answer.

Sometimes I wonder if there will be ever be a backlash against being plugged in all the time and there will be a movement to disconnect from these gadgets and go "back to nature". Probably not in my lifetime.

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