Thursday, August 19, 2010

lunching at a new old place

One of the benefits of working (and living) downtown is the great and always evolving choice of restaurants. Of course, I'm always on a half-assed diet of sorts, so the temptations can be a curse too. And there are so many that I'll never be able to do them all.

Today, I lunched with a couple of co-workers, Carolee and Jeff, at a newly opened restaurant named The Forum. The space has been various incarnations of restaurants since the 1930s, and the remarkable thing about the place is the Art-Deco interior, which has been beautifully preserved and/or restored. The food, featuring a very Minnesota menu, ain't bad either!

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barb said...

I've eaten there in at least two of its iterations. . . .have to remember to give it a try!
Lovin' the "daily tidbit" approach to your blog.