Wednesday, December 14, 2011

car story 2

You know I love my car, my 2006 Volkswagen GTI.  It's the best car I've ever had. Hence, my dilemma.

This is the deal.  My car was in the shop last week, and I ended up spending a bunch for routine maintenance as well as a few problem fixes.  It made me realize that my car is no spring chicken anymore, even though it is in great shape and has relatively low mileage. It's also in high demand, so the trade-in value is good.

So, while I was at the dealership, I looked at the new GTI, the 2012.  I test drove it.  It has all these high-tech features that the 2006 didn't have. 

They found one for me, red of course, and I can go pick it up tonight if I want it.  It's basically the same car I have now, except six years newer, with cool features, and four doors instead of two.  It feels really self-indulgent to buy a new car, but my friend Mary O. convinced me that, even though I will have guilt, it's actually a sacrifice I'm making for my back-seat passengers who are sick of climbing back there.  And you know how self-sacrificing I am.  :-)

Then, a few minutes ago, Jerry called, the BMW dealership called this afternoon:  His car is ready.  It looks like both of us might of us might be buying new cars tonight, doing our little bit to stimulate the economy.

Tomorrow's post might be about buyers' remorse.

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