Sunday, December 11, 2011

driving like a bat outta hell

Jerry has a weird, mildly annoying habit of telling guests when they leave our place, "Drive like a bat outta hell, and leave your seatbelts off!", and last night was no exception.

It was card night:  three teams -- Jerry & I, Tom & Ruthie, Ruthie's husband Ryan & Ruthie's mom Vickie (visiting from North Carolina); the game -- Hand &; Foot.  Tom and Ruthie killed us, but let's not dwell on that.

While playing, we were indulging in red wine, Ruthie and Ryan to the point where they knew they shouldn't drive, so Vickie, who does zero indulging, offered to drive.

It was after midnight when they left, and we got a text from Ruthie about a half hour later.  Vickie, who is generally a pretty conservative driver, had been pulled over by the cops for speeding.  Somehow she talked herself out of getting a speeding ticket, but Ryan got a ticket for not wearing his seat belt.

I hope they weren't really listening to Jerry.


D. A. Dixon said...

Great story!

Vickie said...

I really wasn't speeding...they just needed to list a reason for pulling us over and hoping to find something to give a ticket for.

Howard said...

"I really wasn't speeding..." HA!

Howard said...

"I really wasn't speeding..." HA!