Friday, December 16, 2011

more reasons to hate walmart

Yesterday, a news story came out -- the U.S. Census Bureau has found nearly half of Americans to be "poor"...  This is shameful, as the United States deteriorates into becoming a third-world country.

Yesterday there was also a report listing the Forbes magazine wealthiest Americans.  Six members of the Walton family, the family that originally owned Walmart (descendents of Sam Walton, the founder), have a combined net worth equaling the total net worth of the least affluent 30% of the whole country.  A company that produces huge profits by stomping on its employees, its vendors, its country, and its communities deserves destruction, not this kind of obscene wealth.

Last night on the Evening News, Brian Williams gave the story about half of Americans being poor, but there was no mention of the Walton/30% thing.  Toward the end of the newscast, there was a Walmart commercial.  Big surprise.


Anonymous said...

My new company services 11 Walmarts. Looking back at company info, memos, and the like, I see that we have walked away from many of these Walmarts in the past when they "adjusted" our contracts until the bill was where they decided it should be. We got most of them back, only after getting them to agree to a 5% increase with an additional year of service. You may not be happy that I work for a company that does work for Walmart, but I like that I work for a small, privately owned business that refuses to be bullied.

Howard said...

I liked your comment, Anonymous... I wish there weren't so many businesses that felt they have no choice but to be bullied by the Big Boys. Sounds like you've got a good company there.

Howard said...
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