Saturday, June 8, 2013

i can't keep up

It wasn't on my bucket list, but I can check it off my un-bucket list:  going to the race track.  I'm not sure what horse-racing fanatics love so much about it.  The beauty of the horses in action?  Getting out of the house?  Whatever it is, I have more of an appreciation for the activity (sport?) than I did before I went.

Our local race track, the only one in Minnesota, is Canterbury Park, just south of the Twin Cities.  I must say after visiting, it's quite an impressive facility.  We stayed for all ten races, didn't lose any money except for the price of the buffet dinner, and had an enjoyable evening with friends.

A friend/client of mine had a horse running in the 10th race and we bet on it even though my friend the owner said not to, and the poor horse, in its first race ever, came in 7th of of eight places.  He sold the horse right after the race.

It's not an easy life, being a race horse.  You can be young and beautiful and fast and doing everything right and there's always somebody better.

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