Sunday, June 23, 2013

it's weird, being powerless

Sometime during the night, the electricity came back on after 30 hours of being gone in our condo building.

It started Friday night, when a wild thunderstorm went whipping through Minneapolis.  At the time, we were down the street at Eli's, one of our favorite bar/restaurants, when the storm suddenly came out of nowhere.  We could see trees coming down and rain flying through closed windows.  When the rain died down, we ran home and found that all of the units in our building were without power, yet the common areas were still okay because a backup generator kicked in.

Residents gravitated to the hallways, the lobby and the party room to get away from the darkness in their apartments (But mostly to re-charge cell phones and iPads).  It became sort of a bonding experience and we met some cool people we hadn't met before, including three people from New Jersey like I am.

Still, I'm glad to have the lights back on.

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Jon said...

My power was only out for 25 hours! I win!