Saturday, February 26, 2011

acting and directing

Some more Oscar chat, but be patient, it will be over soon.

My preferences to win the acting and directing awards tomorrow night, keeping in mind that there were some nominated performances in the more obscure movies that I didn't see --

The acting awards --

Best actor (or officially, "Actor in a Leading Role"): Colin Firth in The King's Speech, with big honorable mentions to Jesse Eisenberg and James Franco. Colin will win, I'm sure.
Best actress: Annette Bening in The Kids Are Alright. She is great as Julianne Moore's "other half". But Natalie Portman will probably win this category for Black Swan.
Best supporting actor (or officially, "Actor in a Supporting Role"): Christian Bale in The Fighter. He should be a shoo-in, but don't be surprised to see Geoffrey Rush win for The King's Speech.
Best supporting actress: Melissa Leo, the outrageously pushy mother in The Fighter. She's probably a long-shot to win, but she was perfect.

Best director: David Fincher for The Social Network.

OK. I'm done.


ruthie said...

I have to say I much preferred Julianne Moore's performance, but I'm probably the minority.

Anonymous said...

Melissa Leo isn't a shoo-in or anything but after winning the SAG and Golden Globe I'm sure she is considered the frontrunner. Probably my favorite of all the acting nominees (in all categories).
Supposedly she campaigned a lot, though, and may have turned some voters off.

Howard said...

I didn't know or remember that Melissa Leo had won those other awards... Good!