Sunday, February 20, 2011

ok ruthie, we have a dvr.... now what?

My niece Ruthie has been prodding us to get the DVR (sorry, I don't know what DVR stands for) option for our cable TV so that we can record programs and not have to be home to see them at the scheduled time and also to be able to fast-forward through commercials, which in itself was the selling point that got my attention. The last thing we need is to watch more TV, but we finally gave in and had Ruthie's husband Ryan (who works for the cable company) come over and bring a DVR-ready cable box and install it. It screwed up our universal remote for a few days, but now that's been fixed and we are officially a DVR household.

So what do we do now? We set our CBS Monday night shows and also The Big Bang Theory to record, but as I scroll through the viewer's guide on this snowy evening, I'm finding it hard to find something else tape-worthy. Daytime TV? well, let's look. How about Ellen, Jeopardy!, or the CBS Evening News with Katie Couric? All fine programs in their own way, I'm sure, but do I need them? Nightime TV? -- A lot of unfamiliar and unappealing titles. I'm certainly not going to tape any of those American Idol-type shows!

What I need is some guidance... Ruthie??


ruthie said...

LOL. I recommend the following for starters:

Showtime shows: Shameless and Episodes---can watch on demand to get caught up and then record weekly. Ryan and I have split reviews but each are obsessed with 1.

The Mentalist on CBS- thursday at 9: best show on tv almost (minus the music)

Who do you think you are: Friday at 7 on NBC (makes me want to learn more about where I come from)

I recommend looking through shows like the late night ones to look at the guests to see if it's something you want to record. I record Ellen everyday for when nothing else is on. I also record Oprah every day even if I don't watch because it's the last season so she's having some bigger guests.

Other shows I enjoy, but not sure if it's a show you would like or mock:

Castle- Monday on ABC at 9
The good wife- Tuesday on CBS at 9
Storage Wars- A&E on Wed at 9:30

Then of course there is Glee, American Idol, Amazing Race, Undercover Boss and probably a ton of other shows I'm forgetting. Yes, I record all of these and watch at all times of the day, even if 2 weeks late. I never watch commercials though!

D. A. Dixon said...

Digital Video Recorder.

I'd add The Walking Dead to the list...although it's on hiatus until October.

Anonymous said...

My favorite is NCIS. It just got renewed for next season (their 9th season). I also record The Mentalist and Blue Bloods. I wasn't sure I would like Blue Bloods, but it's better than I thought it would be.
I'm going to have to restart my account so I don't have to do "anonymous" all the time.

ruthie said...

I didn't even mention all the shows not airing right now. There is a whole other list for the summer shows. :-)