Friday, February 4, 2011

mid-winter sports update

Football: Even though I'm kinda sad that football season has ended, it's generally hard to get too excited about the Superbowl because a) the Superbowl show itself is pretty irritating and b) it's usually two lame teams that are playing. This year is certainly no exception in the b) category: the Green Bay Packers vs. the Pittsburgh Steelers. As I walked through the downtown Minneapolis skyways today over my lunch hour, I noticed a lot of people wearing Packer jerseys because of course we have a lot of Packer fans around here, since Wisconsin is a just few minutes from here. The downside of the Packers winning the Superbowl is that we would have unbearably obnoxious Packer fans around us that we'd have to hear spouting off next week. Pittsburgh is at least far away and there aren't many Steeler fans around here, so we at least don't have to listen to their loud mouths. But the Steelers have already won so many recent Superbowls, so how boring would it be if they won again? So maybe I'll sort of root for the Packers, since I sort of like Aaron Rodgers their quarterback. And we wouldn't watch at all (we were planning on going to the movies that day), but Diane and Tony, lusting after our big screen HD TV,wanted to come watch with us, so we can at least enjoy their company while the game drags on. And then no more football til another summer is gone. :-(

Basketball: My brother Ronnie (who is feeling better, by the way) and I were discussing the weaknesses of the NBA (National Basketball Association) last night on the phone -- or maybe it's the weakness in the media coverage of the NBA -- that only wants to focus on the "super" showcase teams -- currently, the Lakers, the Celtics, and the Heat -- while ignoring most of the other less super-starred teams, who become punching-bags year after year. This causes weak franchises and fan bases that drift away. And, speaking of punching-bag teams, my local favorite, the Minnesota Timberwolves, at about the midpoint of the season, have now won 11 games and lost 37. Ouch. It's getting harder and harder to give away our season tickets.

Hockey: The Minnesota Wild struggled in the first half of this season but lately have been HOT. Go, Wild! And over there in the other conference, my sentimental favorite, the Philadelphia Flyers, are one of the top teams of the year. A Stanley Cup year for them?

Baseball: Spring training starts later this month. Even if you hate baseball, ya gotta feel good about that!

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