Sunday, February 6, 2011

flight paths

Jose and Jose Felix are packing, we'll be taking them to the airport in a few minutes with maybe brief stops on the way at IKEA and Mall of America. Even though I was working most of the time when they were here, they had a good time with Jerry experiencing the joys of Minnesota winter. Jose Felix and I went to the Timberwolves game last night. He was very excited to be going to an NBA game -- he said it's kind of a Puerto Rican guy's dream. He loved every minute of the game. He says he loves every minute of his life. Even when his ears were freezing as we walked home. Oh, to be 31 again!

So, anyway, they're flying out, back to tropical temperatures. Minneapolis/St. Paul to Orlando, Florida to San Juan.
My brother Davy called yesterday. He's the brother in San Antonio, Texas, where they actually had snow the other day -- an unusual occurrence. Tuesday he flies back to China to begin another semester of teaching English. San Antonio to San Francisco to Shanghai and then by train to the city three hours from there where he'll be teaching (A city he hasn't been to yet). You know how he loves China, but it's sometimes hard to think of him living so far away. I need to visit him during one of these in-between-semesters when he's in San Antonio. We should spend more time together. And remember, Texas is one of the three states that I haven't been in yet.
It's Superbowl Sunday (yawn)... How many people this week asked you where you'd be watching the game?

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