Saturday, February 19, 2011

what's happening in madison, wisconsin

Jerry tells me that there's a gathering tomorrow night in St. Paul in support of the Madison, Wisconsin pro-labor protestors, and he wants to go and so do I, I think. The Wisconsin governor and Republican legislators are attempting to shut off collective-bargaining for all public employees (which includes teachers) -- in effect, to bust the public unions. The Democratic senators, who are in the minority but are needed to make a quorum, have left the state of Wisconsin to make sure the vote doesn't come to the floor, and tens of thousands of protestors have descended on Madison to show support.

On Tuesday, Tea Party counter-protestors are showing up in Madison. Union supporters vs. Tea Partiers -- opposite ends of the political spectrum!

Jerry says he heard somebody say that what is happening in Madison is the beginning of this country's "Egypt moment." That is probably an overstatement, but it does raise a question: Politics are so polarized now, at what point does the Revolution or the Civil War begin?

'Wish I could take a couple days off and drive over to Madison.
Added later: The rally in St. Paul at the State Capitol is Tuesday at 4 p.m. We will be there.

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