Monday, February 14, 2011

five minutes out of 127 hours

In my quest to see all 10 Best Picture Oscar nominees, the one I was dreading was 127 Hours; I mean, no one wants to a James Franco character cut off one of his arms, even if it is to save his life. Jerry is even more squeamish than I am, so he wouldn't go with me to see it, but I talked my son Tom into it. He has seen so many of his brother Jon's slasher movies over the years that what's a little more blood and gore, especially when it's just a five-minute scene?

Again, it's about expectations, and I was expecting to be sort of repulsed by the film, but I must say, It's very good. James Franco is great as the guy stuck in the ravine who must decide how much his life means to him.

This movie will go to DVD soon, but it won't be the same on the small screen as it is in the theater, where you will feel like you're stuck there in that hopeless situation with him.

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