Wednesday, March 28, 2012

irrationally predictable

I spent more time than usual on the road today -- thank goodness I don't have a job that keeps me in the office all the time.  I was meeting with clients first on the far east end of the Twin Cities metro area and from there to a client on the far west end.  That's quite a sprawl, so I put plenty of miles on my car.

In between appointments, I stopped at a coffee shop (mostly to use the rest room), and while sipping my coffee, I told the guy at the table next to me how much I liked the title of the book he was reading -- Predictably Irrational.  He told me what the book was about, which didn't sound nearly as interesting as the title did.

Afterwards, I was wondering if I am "predictably irrational" and decided that I am not.  What I am is irrationally predictable.  I think it's time that i did something irrationally unpredictable.  Stay tuned.

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