Saturday, March 31, 2012

millionare fantasies crushed again

Last night's MegaMillions lottery jackpot was up to $640 million, and everybody who bought at least one ticket (I bought one) had moments of mentally rolling around in that much cash, even though the odds were 176 million to one against you.  I'm wondering, would we get to actually enjoy it, or would we too flooded with long-lost relatives and new "friends" to have any spare time?

It's not a problem I need to address right now.  It turns out that there were three winners (so the poor souls have the split the $640 million), and the tickets were bought in Maryland, Illinois and Kansas, none in Minnesota.  I mean, what is a person in Kansas going to do with $213 million?  You could buy the whole state for that much!  Probably the first thing to buy is a plane ticket out of Kansas!

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