Thursday, March 1, 2012

it's a gas gas gas

People, as we know, are idiots, and we know that when gas prices go up, the President, whoever he is, somehow gets blamed, even though a President has no control over gas prices.  Gas prices are, in fact, controlled by the oil companies and speculators.

Gas prices here are heading upward dramatically at the moment, even though supply is good and usage is down and the only possible disruption of oil supply is the fabricated potential showdown with Iran.

Coincidental facts:  It's a Presidential election year.  The oil companies and speculators would love  to see Obama defeated for re-election so that they could have a President more sympathetic to their selfish interests.  During this and every price increase, the oil companies will show record profits.  They know the voters.
"The Federal Trade Commission has ruled that oil companies are not gouging customers. They say, technically, they're screwing customers." --David Letterman.

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