Monday, March 5, 2012

sometimes up, sometimes down

The original Supremes, singing their third-in-a-row #1 hit, "Come See About Me", released in 1964. In case you don't know them, that's Florence Ballard ("Flo") on the left, who was rudely kicked out of the group in 1967 and died in poverty in 1976; in the middle, Diana Ross, who went off into her solo career in 1970; and, on the right, Mary Wilson, who stayed with the Supremes through many reincarnations, who wrote a terrific autobiography called Dreamgirl: My Life As A Supreme (which totally trashed Diana Ross), and who, by the way, I kissed on the cheek several years ago.

Regardless of how they later turned out, in 1964, at age 18, I was crazy about the Supremes, as my parents watched and kinda shook their heads. Sometimes I remember that feeling when I see my nephew James at age 18 being gaga over Lady Gaga. I try not to shake my head.

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Lee said...

I was about 16. I was sitting in the living room. We had one radio, and it was in the kitchen. A song (that I can't remember now) started playing on the radio. I screamed, dropped everything, and ran into the kitchen. My father, reading his newspaper, almost had me committed. He thought my behavior was quite "uncalled for".