Tuesday, March 6, 2012

twisted twister thinking

I thought about saying something about the recent Rush Limbaugh fuss, but why?  We all know he's still a big fat idiot and that he is an entertainer, not a newsperson, and that he makes $50-million a year spouting garbage and getting attention.

But that old tele-evangelist Pat Robertson popped up in the corners of the news this week again for some of his own garbage-spouting, and it's more worthy of eye-rolling because this doofus really believes what he's saying.

Last week there were some horrible and widespread tornadoes sweeping through Illinois, Indiana, and Kentucky, killing at least forty people and destroying whole towns and ruining the lives of many.

Pat Robertson's "Christian" reaction on his 700 Club TV show:  First of all, why were these people dumb enough to build houses in areas where there are any chances of tornadoes?  Second, if enough people in those areas had been praying, God would have intervened and stopped the tornadoes.

I guess that means that people who lived in tornado-prone states last week and did not have tornadoes were doing lots of praying.  And people who do not live in tornado-prone states are smart.  This is all very surprising to me, although not nearly as surprising as the realization that people contribute money to this dude's ministry.

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