Thursday, August 2, 2012

clogging their arteries while repulsing us

As they choked down their fast-food chicken, the people who had lined up yesterday at Chick-Fil-A were making their statement of support for the homophobic CEO of the company, pretending that they were striking a note for "freedom of speech", when what they really wanted to say was "we want blatant gay-bashing to continue."  If the dude was speaking out in favor of, for instance, the Communist Party or the Muslim Brotherhood, which under the First Amendment he would have every right to do, none of those chicken people would have showed up; indeed, they would have been condemning him.  They might put another word on it, but how people love being given permission to hate, especially when blessed with that permission by a freak in a pulpit or a Mike Huckabee on Fox News!  Whoever these chicken-munchers are, I don't want to know them, and they obviously don't want to know me.

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