Monday, August 6, 2012

the scoobert eleventh

Scoobert & Ruthie, in their younger days
I know what you're thinking:  How can he be so desperate for a post that he resorts to his niece Ruthie's dog's birthday?

And you know I'm no dog person.  I mean, dogs can be endearing on some level, but who wants to live with one?  They are just always there, loving you, wanting attention, farting, tying you down.. ("Hey honey, can you run home and let the dog out??")

But there are dog people, and I have to admit that the relationship between Ruthie and Scoobert has always been kind of sweet, even when Scoob was a young terror wrecking furniture and driving his fellow dogs crazy.  They've been through a lot in the past eleven years, Ruthie and Scoobert, and they've done it together and stuck by each other.

And now, in dog years, Scoobert is no spring chicken -- shall I say it? -- he's a canine senior citizen!  He has improved with age for sure, though.   Haven't we all?.. Well,......


ruthie said...

aww I love that pic! He was one of the only credit card purchases I don't regret! :)

vickie said...

Photo by: vickie
I have a photo (several actually) of his first party in MN with all his "relatives". Maybe I'll scan and post on facebook on my day off.

Tom said...

Yes, Ruthie, that is one of your best pics. The right hand half of the pic is the cutest part.