Saturday, August 25, 2012

ten bucks for a little diversion

It's going to be hard not to bitch for the next several days about the republican national convention, so let me go the don't-think-about-it route instead to tell you about the movie we went to see last night:

Hope Springs, starring the always-lovable Meryl Streep and the sometimes-surprising Tommy Lee Jones (surprising because he is a better actor than I realized).  It's a really small film about a troubled marriage, and you're gonna sit there for two hours hearing about why it is so troubled and what can be done to fix it.  But consider this:  it's summer and the other choices in the cineplex are special-effects monsters and bad writing and corporate rip-offs created for teenage boys whose main interaction with the world is through video games and text-messaging.

So, sit back and enjoy Streep and Jones, and you will be totally convinced that they are their characters.  It's cute, and there is something to be said for cuteness once in a while.

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