Sunday, August 12, 2012

we want mo'

It's one of those Sunday evenings that happens every four years -- the closing ceremony of the Summer Olympics.... It's always a nostalgic moment and we wish they weren't done, but isn't it a good thing that we don't have the Olympics all the time?  I mean, I'm sure I watched more Olympics this time than I ever had before -- it fills a lot of evenings! -- and I blame that on never having seen the competitions on HD TV until this year!  It does make a difference...

My favorite moments from these Olympics:  Gymnastics, men and women; men's diving; Kevin Love of the Timberwolves being part of the gold-medal basketball team; Oscar Pistorius, the double-amputee runner from South Africa; the British runner Mo' Farah; the London setting for it all.

Quick question:  Didn't Germany used to win a lot more Olympics medals when there were two Germanys?

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elke said...

It's got nothing to do with reunification of two halves of Germany. It seems there are just more beer bellies in their recliners watching TV olympics and shouting for more.