Friday, August 3, 2012

why it's hard to watch the Olympics

--  Bob Costas is 60 years old, so how can he look so good?  If he has had plastic surgery, it is damn good!
--  When the Olympics are in a far-off time zone, you have to keep avoiding the news sites all day, or you will know the winners before you see the recorded action later that evening.  And even NBC spoils it by telling you in promos which new gold medal winner is going to be on the Today show tomorrow morning!
--  Hey, can we hear a national anthem other than our own?  We already know what ours sounds like, and how many times do you want to see Michael Phelps twitching nervously while it plays?  You can just imagine him thinking, "Should I put my hand over my heart or not?  Should I mouth the words or not?".. or is he thinking, "Man, I need a joint!"
--  The new NBC fall season looks pathetic!

And the # 1 reason it's hard to watch? --
--  The political ads!  :-(

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vickie said...

Bob Costas is another Dick Clark. He hardly ages.
I record the Olympics and am at work all evening with no TV or radio and play a CD on the way home, so no surprises for me. Then I watch and fast forward most of it except the parts I like.