Tuesday, January 22, 2013

and he might make me look thinner

Christie & Obama, October 2012
I had this dream that I was hanging out with Chris Christie, the colorful governor of my home state of New Jersey, and in my dream he was a fun guy to hang out with, talking Springsteen and Jersey jive.  Even though I can't imagine ever voting for him for anything (unless maybe he became a Democrat and changed his position on certain issues), I do have a certain grudging admiration for the dude.

I mean, isn't it refreshing to have a politician who speaks directly, in a Jersey brutally-frank kind of way?  He handled the whole Hurricane Sandy thing just right, having his loyalty first and foremost to the citizens of his state instead of to his national political party.  It was a refreshing moment.

He might be a good friend to have.  And I bet he knows the best places to eat.

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