Friday, January 25, 2013

slightly damaged

Occasionally, Jerry and I have gotten hooked on a dramatic cable TV series, usually after it's already off the air, and we kind of get obsessed about seeing the whole series, if the story draws us in.  The problem is that we get too drawn in, and then we stay up too late -- "Hey, let's watch one more episode!" -- especially if there is a cliff-hanger.  We were  bad with our all-time favorite Six Feet Under and watched five years of episodes in about two weeks.

Lately, we got into the show Damages, starring Glenn Close, a part legal thriller, part soap opera kind of program that has had us getting to bed too late too many nights.  Well, we just got done with Season 3 last night, and the final two seasons, 4 and 5, aren't on Comcast On Demand yet.  It's a good story, ruthless some of the time -- especially the Glenn Close character.  Check it out.  January is a good month for being a couch potato under a warm blanket, especially if one of you has a broken foot.

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