Wednesday, January 9, 2013

it's next week now

Before crossing over into New Jersey last Thursday, we stopped in Philadelphia at Geno's, one of the two famous dives known for their Philly cheese steaks.  Jerry, who had never given cheese steaks a thought before he met me, has become a connoisseur of cheese steaks, at least in his own mind, but I had mostly exposed him to the South Jersey version of cheese steaks, which are different.  The cheese steaks at Geno's and at Pat's in south Philly are cut differently and have Cheez Whiz instead of provolene cheese, so, even though they are the originals, Jerry proclaimed the Geno's version inferior.  I laughed.  James and I enjoyed them, maybe mostly because we were back home on the East Coast.

The familiar can be comforting.

We crossed the bridge over to Jersey, stopped at Wawa for coffee (an indispensable first act), made our way back to the home town amd dealt with our angels and our demons.

It was good to touch base with who we are..... as Jerry pushed his way on his scooter alongside us.  Then back home to the more recent familiar.

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