Saturday, October 8, 2011

coffee and tea

It was early this morning.  I stopped at the coffee shop, decided to take my coffee over to the Plaza to hang out some more with the OccupyMN people.  There wasn't a big crowd at that hour -- just the diehards and some people who had spent the night still asleep in their sleeping bags -- but the morning was beautiful and I sat there for a while reading my book and occuping some space.

Right-wingers and corporate apologists are looking for ways to generalize the protestors in some negative way -- anarchists, Communists, who knows what -- and of course there is no truth in those generalizations.  It was interesting for me, at least in this Minnesota group, to see the political diversity represented that didn't seem to fit in:  there were a few Ron Paul people with their "Audit the Federal Reserve signs", for instance; or Jesse Ventura, our one-time governor and ongoing conspiracy freak.

This of course is a protest that is yet to be totally defined.  It's sort of an un-Tea Party group of fed-up citizens, but, let's face it, the Tea Party probably can't be specifically pinpointed either.  Many think that Tea Partiers are racists, for example, and in reality I'm sure there are a few of them who are not.

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