Saturday, October 29, 2011

occupying portland

We are staying in a downtown Portland hotel for two nights, flying back home tomorrow.

Today we explore Portland a little to get the feel of a city that we hear good things about, and we also get to spend some time with my niece Michelle (my sister Nancy's daughter) and Michelle's husband Josh and their two small kids who I haven't met before.

Also, we plan on visiting Occupy Portland, one of the more successful of the country's Occupy encampments, which is just a few blocks from our hotel.  We are hoping to take my Aunt Myrt to the protest later to show her that it isn't the icky thing that she thinks it is.  I saw part of the local news last night... The coverage of the Occupy was totally negative and distorted, so it's no wonder some people sitting in front of their televisions are scared of it.  I wonder who owns that TV station and which sponsors they are most dependent on.

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Jon said...

But that's impossible, because the media is soooo liberal!!!