Monday, October 3, 2011

it's not exactly magic

One day last week, my son Jon was lamenting that he couldn't get a particular song out of his head -- "Magic" by Olivia Newton-John, and I'm sure he's not a fan of either Olivia or this song... But you know how that goes.... Songs sometimes just replay over and over in your mind, and it doesn't matter if you like them or not.

So this video is for Jon, and, if he actually watches it, he'll hate me for it.

(if a Google ad pops up at the bottom of the video, "x" out of it).


ruthie said...

he won't even need to watch it to get it stuck in his head. i know that because it's playing in my head now and i didn't even get to clicking play. thanks

Lee said...

And now it's my ear-worm too. I'll be thinking of you many times today.

Jon said...

You forgot to mention that it "magically" just happened to be her birthday the day I had it in my head... and actually I kind of like this song, despite being fairly indifferent to most of hers. If you cause me to get it back in my head, well, it's probably still better than the other songs that are in my head today.