Wednesday, October 5, 2011

tragedy and death

After the play last night, we went down the hall at the Guthrie to what we call the Wookie  Bar (a/k/a the Target Lounge) and discussed it (The Burial at Thebes) with the bartender a little.  I'm no expert on Greek tragedy and maybe nobody is, and I noticed that most of our conversation was about the music, composed by local musician J.D. Steele, and not about the relevance of the story.  The play was good, the music was good (although I wasn't necessarily sure how the two fit together), the acting and the singing excellent.... and by the end of the show, dead bodies are strewn on the stage -- always a crowd-pleaser...

...and, in an ending like that, I, with my easily distracted mind, always wonder how the actors playing the dead characters can lie so motionless; after all, some of these scenes last a while!  And what if he or she needs to sneeze? -- that would certainly disrupt the moment, having a dead character sneeze!

Overall, an enjoyable evening for us, and we thank the Guthrie for the tickets.  Not a happy ending, though, for the children of Oedipus!

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