Thursday, October 6, 2011

it never rains in southern california

My niece Ruthie, who is in Los Angeles for a couple weeks (long story), made me laugh with her Facebook post yesterday:  "I think someone wants me to stop wanting to live in Cali one day. Cold and rainy here all day and sunny and hot in Minnesota?!?!?!? Los Angeles hasn't experienced a major rain event in months.....until the day after I arrive. *sigh

It's true -- our weather here in the Twin Cities this week has been spectacular and beautiful.

Meanwhile, on the other coast, my sister Joan is in New York City for her semi-annual Broadway visit.  She sees three shows in two days each time she goes and looks forward to her NYC trips more than anything else all year long -- not just for the shows, but to be in New York. It's her reward.  This trip, she first saw The Mountaintop, which she wasn't crazy about.  Last night, she saw The Book of Mormon, which she liked a lot (and we all know that she loves Mormon boys, fictional or real), and tonight she is seeing a revival of Follies, this time starring Bernadette Peters.  Tomorrow she flies home already and will be planning for her next visit, probably be in April.


ruthie said...

lol....long story

Jon said...

I've been to San Diego three times and my last trip was the first one where it didn't rain (and even then it certainly wasn't sunny 24/7 as its reputation would have you believe). I've also been to Tucson twice and it rained both times.