Friday, October 21, 2011

friday evening quadlocation

Jerry is in the living room tapping on his laptop, doing work-related stuff, and I'm quietly antsy thinking about what to do with a potentially lovely Friday evening that lies before us.  How often do we get a Friday evening with nothing planned?  James is working, so we are even childless tonight!

..  but, as I see Jerry working, I'm thinking, Maybe I should have stayed at the office.  I have a lot of work piled up, and he and I are leaving for Oregon on Tuesday, and there is no way I can finish all that work on Monday, so there is going to be some weekend office time, for sure, so probably it should have been now...

... but the weather is nice, and I'm thinking, Maybe we should go hang out at Occupy Minnesota for awhile, where they are celebrating two weeks of occupation, and I always find interesting conversations there.

...  but it's the last day we can use a free pass for the gym next door at the Hyatt Hotel, and we are thinking of joining there, so maybe we should take advantage of that.

...  but I know that Jerry is ready to have dinner, so we might have to plan around that.

...  and I know that the best bet is that we will do nothing at all.

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