Saturday, October 1, 2011

waiting for the applesauce

It was way too nice a day to sit here at the laptop blogging or Facebooking.  It was one of those days they call a perfect autumn day.

Jerry and I started with breakfast at the Bryant-Lake Bowl, which has become one of my favorite breakfast spots, and after that Jerry wanted to stop and shop a little, and I gave it my best but finally said, Hey it's way too nice a day to be shopping.  We came home and sat out in the sun for a couple hours where I finished reading my book, A Thousand Splendid Suns (a mostly interesting story, oddly structured, not particularly well-written, but I'm glad I read it), then we took a walk through Loring Park and stopped at the Dunn Brothers coffee shop over there on the other side of the park and and sipped our drinks and enjoyed the moment.

Now the sun is down, and it's Saturday night.  Tom is here, Ruthie and Ryan are stopping over later.. Jerry is taking a power nap while I keep an eye on his applesauce as it cooks on the stove... and it smells good...

... and the Phillies won their first playoff game this evening.

My kind of day.

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