Monday, February 6, 2012

and the oscar goes to -- #1

OK, the Oscar month thing again. Here is a flashback to a previous Academy Award program, in 1988, when Cher won Best Actress for Moonstruck, which, coincidentally, is my favorite movie. Her dress is awful and her speech is lame, but, considering that is Cher of all people (!) winning an Oscar, it was definitely a memorable moment. You also get to see Chastity in the audience still being a girl!
Sorry if you get re-directed to YouTube to watch this.  Please come back after that.

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Jon said...

The funniest part is watching Sally Kirkland's (who???) facial expressions. At 1:06 she looks like she's about to lay an egg, and then at 1:35 when the winner is announced, she does this great eyeroll before recovering and acting happy. Compare it to Meryl Streep's reaction and you can see who the better actress is! :-)