Thursday, February 9, 2012

meaningless get-togethers

I'm amused that Mitt Romney did so poorly in the Minnesota, Missouri and Colorado caucuses this past Tuesday.

He doesn't do well in caucus states, and I think there's a reason for that.  My experience with caucuses here in Minnesota is that the people who are driven by an agenda or some sort of passion are the ones that show up on caucus night.  A caucus is not representative of the voting populace.

And most Romney supporters feel no passion for him.  They have no reason to take two or three hours out of a winter evening to go sit in a room listening to their neighbors vent when it just leads to a non-binding straw poll where they vote for a candidate they are only lukewarm about.  The Rick Santorum supporters at least feel passion, not for Santorum himself but for his message of bigotry and exclusivity.

Romney will be glad to get back to the primary-election states, where less effort will be required by his supporters, and, let's face it, he probably doesn't have many real supporters:  they are just voting against the other wacko candidates.

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