Sunday, February 26, 2012

they might be shot

I'm biting my nails this afternoon, very unsettled, makes me wonder if my nerves are shot.  Little things are bothering me.  Take this laptop, for instance.  It is so slow and weird lately that at this moment I'm tempted to throw the stupid thing out the window.

The day started great, you know how I love Sunday mornings anyway.  The problem with Sunday mornings is that there are too many choices of what to do, and sometimes too many choices makes me end up doing none of them, which makes me disappointed with myself.  Today, though, wasn't like that.  I started with a workout at the gym, then coffee at the Starbucks across the street from the gym, then I went to church (Plymouth Congregational, you remember).  I ran into Lee after the service, Lee getting a mention here because he is a good friend and also a regular reader of this blog (Hi, Lee!).

This afternoon, though, is, as I say, unsettled.  Maybe too much coffee, maybe a troubling email, maybe thinking about the work I could be doing if I went to the office.  Expecting company soon for Oscar-watching.  Might need to break out the vodka soon after that.

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Lee said...'s time for me to check in... Thank you.