Tuesday, May 29, 2012

the boys are still in Ireland

Jon and Tom are wrapping up their two-week visit to Ireland today and flying back home tomorrow...   Anxious to see them and hear about their trip.

Me, I'm trying to re-adjust my mind back to work today after almost two weeks off.  It might take a while.
Jerry and I went to an Indian restaurant, the Dancing Ganesha, for dinner last night, just a block from our place in downtown Minneapolis.  I'd resisted trying the place because I had convinced myself I didn't like Indian food... but it was terrific.. If you go there, try the butter chicken.
Speaking of India, here is a funny/pathetic story, per the website rt.com:
An Indian marriage has apparently crumbled, with the new bride citing that her husband had neglected to list “married” as his relationship status on Facebook.
­The wife filed for divorce after being married two months as a result of an arranged marriage.
“He was so busy post marriage with family and his furniture business that he really had no time to check his FB or change his status,” said the High Court advocate P. Subhash in relaying the husband’s side to Indian newspaper The Deccan Chronicle.
The husband offered to change the status or de-activate the account in order to reconcile. The wife refused on the basis that her husband could have been doing things behind her back and she could not trust him.

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